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Dry farming guide

Dry Farming – The Secret Behind Growing a Garden in Drought

Learn what is dry farming and how to do it correctly. This is the perfect type of gardening if you are looking to grow a garden in a dry place.

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Insects to help your garden grow

How To Attract Beneficial Insects To Your Garden

Insects are mostly looked down on, especially if they are in your garden. However, there are some that will help your garden flourish. Check them here!

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Drough-tolerant landscape

Xeriscaping: A Perfect Fit for Australia

Let’s face it. Straya is not exactly known for it’s wealth in water. So today we’ll be exploring a landscaping method that centers around using as little of it as possible and still achieving great results. While xeriscaping sounds much like what a xenobotanist may do, the reality (unfortunately) isn’t at all sci fi. It’s perfectly applicable to your Melbourne garden, and can save you time and money in the long run.

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Bottled Lightning - Catch Energy in Your Garden

Bottled Lightning: Catch Energy in Your Garden

Learn what Nature can give you for free and some examples on how to harness it in your garden!

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hand holding compost

Full Guide on How and What to Compost

Compost is to a dedicated gardener what salt is to a master chef. Learn how to make your own compost and ditch artificial fertilisers altogether.

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