Lawn Maintenance

Couch Grass: Characteristics, Types & Maintenance

Cynodon dactylon

If you are passionate about gardening and live in Australia, you’ve probably heard about Couch grass. This tuft variety is quite popular amongst many Aussie homeowners due to its long list of advantages. Still, there is much to be learned about the specifics and growing needs of the Couch grass, so we hope this guide…

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Homemade Grass Dye Recipe – Paint Your Lawn Green!

Little smiling girl laying on a green lawn

You know how they say that the grass is always greener on the other side? We all want our gardens to be as green and fresh-looking as possible. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, sometimes this is also necessary. For example, landlords and property owners, or even local Councils, insist on tenants and house owners keeping…

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13 Common Lawn Weeds in Australia – Identification & Removal

Common Australian lawn weeds and how to remove them

Everybody that owns a lawn knows how much maintenance goes into keeping the lawn grass nice and tidy. You have to water it on a tight schedule, mow it, and, of course – deal with all of those pesky weeds. Speaking of lawn weeds, Mother Nature has “gifted” Australia with a lot of types, many…

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How to Best Care for Your Lawn in Winter

Winter lawn care

Lawn care and maintenance may be the last thing on your mind this winter, but doing some work now will definitely pay off once the temperatures start rising again in Australia. On the bright side, providing your lawn with care in the winter is less time-consuming in comparison to other seasons, so don’t skip on…

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How to Properly Take Care of the Lawn in Autumn

Autumn lawn care

When it comes to lawn care, autumn is an important period. Since there are a lot of tasks to cover, we advise you to distribute your time accordingly, so you can spare yourself the stress. This means starting early and making sure you dedicate enough time to doing each task the right way. This guarantees…

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