How to Prune a Plum Tree

A branch of a plum tree full of juicy fruits

You’ve planted a plum tree or two in your garden, hoping to create a neat paradise of greenery and edible plants, like fruit trees. It’s all very good, but without the right care, you may not end up with what you originally dreamed of. While plum trees can look quite attractive in any garden in…

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Planting a Hedge Properly

A gardener planting hedges

Planting hedges near a fence or around your house can give you a sense of privacy and even act as a windbreak. Unlike a lawn that has to be meticulously cared for, hedges are relatively low maintenance and can survive the hot Australian weather, which makes them attractive for a lot of people who don’t…

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Homemade Grass Dye Recipe – Paint Your Lawn Green!

Little smiling girl laying on a green lawn

You know how they say that the grass is always greener on the other side? We all want our gardens to be as green and fresh-looking as possible. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, sometimes this is also necessary. For example, landlords and property owners, or even local Councils, insist on tenants and house owners keeping…

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How to Correctly Cut Hedges for Healthy Growth

How to trim hedges

Hedges can make for a great addition to any garden in Australia and if well-kept, they can quickly transform your backyard space into a beautiful place. Like many other plants, to stay neat and healthy-looking, shrubs require regular maintenance. Any existing diseased or dead branches can not only ruin the lush look of your hedge…

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The Fantastic Guide to Tree Pruning

Tree pruning

Trees are green and luscious, provide us with shade and coolness in the hot months, bear fruit and give our homes and gardens an aesthetically pleasing look overall. Still, they need our care to reach and maintain their full potential. Tree pruning is one of the ways to ensure proper growth, prevent diseases, avoid branch…

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