Christmas Plants Down Under

australian christmas wreath

The British traditions of decking the halls with evergreens such as mistletoe, holly and ivy hardly apply to Australia. Maybe because our Christmas tends to be around perfect jet ski weather. Also because those plants have a hard time growing here without specially provided circumstances. This is why when the season came the pioneers of…

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Busting Myths! Misconceptions About Gravel Use in Gardening.

Gravel garden

As a savvy gardener, you need to know what is good and what is bad for your garden. Gravel is an amazing way to add drainage to yours, but there are some things that need to be straightened out. Here’s what you may be getting wrong!

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Lawn Care 101: The Guide to a Fantastic Lawn

Happy lawn

Having a well-groomed lawn will make your house look ten times better. Certain practices that you believe are good, may be harming the grass and ruining the greenery at your home. That’s where this Fantastic guide comes to help!

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Prepare Your Garden to Face The Worst of Storms

Storm fallen tree

The beautiful plants we grow in our gardens are like children to us. We give our heart and soul to help them grow beautiful and before all – healthy. The worst nightmare is seeing them destroyed by a merciless act of nature such as a storm. Well, a storm doesn’t equal dead flowers, because it…

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TOP 5 Monster Plants

monster plants featured image

There’s something creepy about plants. Yes, on the surface they are benign, beautiful and peaceful just sitting there enjoying the sun and being pretty. But on second glance they are cold, patient, unfeeling and silent, capable of sinking their roots almost anywhere given the chance. This post isn’t about that. It’s about giant spectacularly implausible…

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