Ground Cover Plants

Moss as a groundcover plant.

We know that you have amazing gardening skills. After all, by now you’ve been reading up on our blog and you’ve learned all kinds of interesting stuff. However, after growing your garden and making it look absolutely amazing, it’s time for you to know how to protect your soil from the weather. As a good…

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How to Insult Someone in Flower Language

Woman attacks man with flowers

Most of us are aware of the sweet tradition of expressing our feelings or support for someone through the beauty of flowers. However as with mostly anything else the sophistication of the Victorian era cuts both ways. Expressing disdain or outright threatening their life with a nice floral arrangement will never be this nefariously subtle or…

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How To Attract Beneficial Insects To Your Garden


  Gardens are precious, but insects are just as precious, especially when it comes to keeping your garden in working order. Here are four insects that are beneficial to your garden, and how you can attract them. It doesn’t take much, just get out your gardening tools and watch your garden grow healthy and strong….

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Make Your Own Kokedama

hanging kokedama

Kokedama is a highly decorative type of plant growing and a fun project for your own family. Learn how to make one with our succinct guide!

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Your Guide to Mulch Types

shutterstock_395450458 (1)

Mulching is the practice of covering your soil to improve the conditions for your plants. It helps with water retention, soil temperature control, and weed prevention. Mulch can be everything from pebbles to dry leaves, so in this blog post we’ll go over all the different types and their specifications. Read on. Organic Mulch Composted…

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