Your Guide to Mulch Types

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Mulching is the practice of covering your soil to improve the conditions for your plants. It helps with water retention, soil temperature control, and weed prevention. Mulch can be everything from pebbles to dry leaves, so in this blog post we’ll go over all the different types and their specifications. Read on. Organic Mulch Composted…

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The Art Of Niwaki

a niwaki formed tree

Managing a garden is a form of art. Knowing what goes where is something that not everyone can do. However, often times growing a traditional garden is not as interesting once the project is finished. That is something the old time Japanese gardeners knew very well. However, coming up with ways to accentuate the look…

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Grow Succulents In Water

wet succulents

Succulents are a joy to behold and a breeze to care for due to their resilience. They generally require very little water and tending to. As an added bonus succulents thrive in soils and conditions in which most other plants won’t even think of settling into. No weeding required. But what if we throw you…

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Xeriscaping: A Perfect Fit for Australia

sun face clay ornament

Let’s face it. Straya is not exactly known for it’s wealth in water. So today we’ll be exploring a landscaping method that centers around using as little of it as possible and still achieving great results. While xeriscaping sounds much like what a xenobotanist may do, the reality (unfortunately) isn’t at all sci fi. It’s perfectly applicable to your Melbourne garden, and can save you time and money in the long run.

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Safe Indoor Plants for Children

African Violet

Child-proofing your home or day care centre is a tough job, but not impossible. Anything in the reach of a child can be a threat to their health. Ordinary objects can become weapons. Plants are no exception. Here is a list of child-safe house plants and how to grow them.* African Violet Aluminum Plant Anthurium Aphelandra Baby’s…

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