Flower Care

How & When to Prune Roses

How to prune roses

Roses are hands-down the most poetic blossoms and they present some of the most exquisite vegetation in any garden. Well-pruned roses are more “immune” to disease, promote air circulation, and result in larger, opulent flowers. Left unpruned, they will still bloom, but with a rather unkempt look and we all know how great a well-maintained…

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6 Plants Invading Australia

St. John’s Wort

When we say invading, what we really mean is they crept in one way or another and slowly built up their numbers to the point they are threatening endemic species. Plants are quiet and unassuming, but that makes them all the more creepy when you look under their pretty faces. So here are our (least) favourite six of them.

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10 Of the Most Aromatic Flowers (Care Tips)

aromatic flowers

Fill your garden and home with fragrance. We’ve handpicked ten of the best smelling flowers in a bouquet specially made for our readers!

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Your Guide To Ground Cover Plants

Moss as best groundcover plant

The basic knowledge a gardener need to know about groundcover plants. Here’s the top plants that should be in your list when choosing the next cover plant!

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How To Attract Beneficial Insects To Your Garden

Insects to help your garden grow

Insects are mostly looked down on, especially if they are in your garden. However, there are some that will help your garden flourish. Check them here!

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