Landscaping Ideas

Planting a Hedge Properly

A gardener planting hedges

Planting hedges near a fence or around your house can give you a sense of privacy and even act as a windbreak. Unlike a lawn that has to be meticulously cared for, hedges are relatively low maintenance and can survive the hot Australian weather, which makes them attractive for a lot of people who don’t…

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How to Correctly Cut Hedges for Healthy Growth

How to trim hedges

Hedges can make for a great addition to any garden in Australia and if well-kept, they can quickly transform your backyard space into a beautiful place. Like many other plants, to stay neat and healthy-looking, shrubs require regular maintenance. Any existing diseased or dead branches can not only ruin the lush look of your hedge…

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10 Benefits of Hydroponic Farming and Why You Should Give it a Shot

How hydroponics and normal soil compare and the benefits of hydroponics

What are the benefits of hydroponics and how does growing plants in a controlled medium compares to oldschool soil.

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How a Swale Drain Can Be a Perfect Fit for Your Yard


Learn about swales and how they can help your garden thrive with minimal maintenance and water loss!

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Guide to Keyhole Gardening

Guide to keyhole gardening

Keyhole gardening is a clever method to get more from less with a smartly structured garden bed, build around a compost tower. Click to learn how!

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