Bottled Lightning: Catch Energy in Your Garden

bottled lightning

Learn what Nature can give you for free and some examples on how to harness it in your garden!

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Compost: The Gardener’s Gold

hand holding compost

Compost is to a dedicated gardener what salt is to a master chef. Learn how to make your own compost and ditch artificial fertilisers altogether.

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The Awesomeness of Roof Gardens

roof garden

Roof gardens have been around since ancient Mesopotamia and Rome, and in modern days we can scientifically prove their benefits to the urban environment.

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Gardener’s Armoury: A Roleplaying Guide

a group of people in costume with gardening utencils

Sometimes gardeners just wanna have fun. If your neighbourhood is too boring and you feel like you’ve contributed to it for far too long – Click here!

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Create Your Own Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Are they wild or meticulously groomed? Actually zen gardens are both. You will find the governing rules and aesthetics here.

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