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How hydroponics and normal soil compare and the benefits of hydroponics

10 Benefits of Hydroponic Farming and Why You Should Give it a Shot

What are the benefits of hydroponics and how does growing plants in a controlled medium compares to oldschool soil.

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Garden tools

The Fantastic Gardening Tools Guide

An illustrated guide to essential or just plain useful gardening tools for anybody having trouble picking from the many options available on the market.

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Australian Christmas Wreath

Christmas Plants Down Under

Due to the geographical coordinates, aussies have their own Christmas floral aesthetics. We talk about the most popular Christmas plants in Australia.

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Pretty Flowers That Can Kill You

11 Pretty Flowers That Can Kill You

Join us in exploring the beautiful, but sometimes fatal flowers. Read more to find out which plants you should enjoy from afar.

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How to Take Care of Fruits in Pots

Easy Fruits to Grow in Containers

If you are a fruit lover but don’t have your own backyard to grow them then check out these fruits that you can easily grow in your garden!

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