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How hydroponics and normal soil compare and the benefits of hydroponics

10 Benefits of Hydroponics and Why You Should Give it a Shot

What are the benefits of hydroponics and how does growing plants in a controlled medium compares to oldschool soil.

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A close-up shot of a bleeding heart flower.

The Strangest Flowers on Earth

What are the strangest flowers on Earth? Take a look at our listicle with the world’s most beautiful and strangest flowers you can find!

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How gardening can improve your health

10 Ways Gardening Improves Our Health

From fighting stress to making us lose weight, gardening is one of the best hobbies someone can have. Learn more about how practising the horticultural craft can improve your health in ten drastic ways!

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Family gifting their mother flowers for Mother's Day.

How to Choose The Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Feeling like even the nicest of flowers aren’t worthy for your mother? We’ve handpicked the best flowers for Mother’s Day that you should strongly consider. Read more to learn how to make the perfect bouquet for your mom!

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gardening tools

The Fantastic Gardening Tools Guide

An illustrated guide to essential or just plain useful gardening tools for anybody having trouble picking from the many options available on the market.

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