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How a Swale Can Be a Perfect Fit for Your Yard

Learn about swales and how they can help your garden thrive with minimal maintenance and water loss!

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Sleeping gardener

Gardening Without Digging?

What if we told you there’s no need to battle Mother Nature daily in your garden? What if instead she could do your work for you? You can see how here.

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gardening tools

The Fantastic Gardening Tools Guide

An illustrated guide to essential or just plain useful gardening tools for anybody having trouble picking from the many options available on the market.

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What is keyhole gardening and how to practice it

Craft Your Own Keyhole Garden

Keyhole gardening is a clever method to get more from less with a smartly structured garden bed, build around a compost tower. Click to learn how!

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A niwaki formed tree

The Art Of Niwaki

Skip the 7 years of exhausting training and get your knowledge about niwaki now. All the basic knowledge behind the ancient Japanese art.

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