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Cynodon dactylon

Couch Grass: Characteristics, Types & Maintenance

If you are passionate about gardening and live in Australia, you’ve probably heard about Couch grass. This tuft variety is quite popular amongst many Aussie homeowners due to its long list of advantages. Still, there is much to be learned about the specifics and growing needs of the Couch grass, so we hope this guide…

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Pennisetum alopecuroides

Ornamental Native Grasses for Your Garden

Ornamental grasses in Australia may not be quite the trendy ‘must haves’ they once were, but when you’re looking for something to bring beauty and grace to your garden without adding to your workload, ornamental native grasses are winners every time. Native ornamental grasses can be used to soften hard textures or to fill large…

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Growing ginger in Australia

How to Grow and Care for Ginger

Roots of fresh gingers are an essential part of Asian cuisine. The plant is also widely used both in Chinese and Indian medicine. Looking after ginger is not so hard if you live in a humid and warm place, which is its preferred climate. Therefore, growing your own ginger plant in Australia is certainly possible,…

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Grow kids vegetable garden

How to Grow a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kids can be even more fulfilling when you have some special activity planned. If you are debating on what this activity should be, we suggest you consider growing a vegetable garden together. Okay, that sounds good but what if you don’t know where to start or what to plant? Don’t…

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Winter lawn care

How to Best Care for Your Lawn in Winter

Lawn care and maintenance may be the last thing on your mind this winter, but doing some work now will definitely pay off once the temperatures start rising again in Australia. On the bright side, providing your lawn with care in the winter is less time-consuming in comparison to other seasons, so don’t skip on…

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