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How to prune roses

How & When to Prune Roses

Roses are hands-down the most poetic blossoms and they present some of the most exquisite vegetation in any garden. Well-pruned roses are more “immune” to disease, promote air circulation, and result in larger, opulent flowers. Left unpruned, they will still bloom, but with a rather unkempt look and we all know how great a well-maintained…

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Growing ginger in Australia

How to Grow and Care for Ginger

Roots of fresh gingers are an essential part of Asian cuisine. The plant is also widely used both in Chinese and Indian medicine. Looking after ginger is not so hard if you live in a humid and warm place, which is its preferred climate. Therefore, growing your own ginger plant in Australia is certainly possible,…

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How to prune a lemon tree

How to Prune a Lemon Tree

Having a lemon tree in your garden is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also yields lemons, which you can use in the preparation of meals or drinks! But to have a healthy tree, you need to be aware that pruning is an essential part of the process. In this blog post, we’ll show you…

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How to prune an apple tree

How to Safely Prune Your Apple Tree

Apple trees are a wonderful addition to any garden. And even though most hardy fruit trees don’t need help to grow high-quality produce, pruning your apple tree will enhance those results significantly. Whether want to learn the basics of how to prune an apple tree specifically in Australia or anywhere else in the world –…

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How to prune an apricot tree

How to Prune an Apricot Tree

Why would you bother to prune a tree? They survive in the wild perfectly well without some human coming along and hacking bits off them. But the trees in your garden or orchard, especially your fruit trees are not wild. If you want to maximise the quantity and quality of fruit they will bear, and…

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