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A happy woman working in an office next to an office tree.

Best Office Plants to Improve Your Workspace!

Office plants can be an amazing addition to your workplace. No matter if they’re small, medium or large in size, there is something for every office. Read to find out how the proper office succulent or office tree can improve the work life of employees.

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How to grow a plant using water jelly crystals.

How to Grow Plants with Hydrogel Crystals

Gardening with water jelly crystals begins to be a pretty popular gardening method. Here’s how you can improve your plants’ health and grow them strong with the help of hydrogel beads.

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Coleus Varieties

Growing and Care for Coleus

Coleus is a very special plant to us. Most decorative plants make you wait until they’re in bloom to show off. But not coleus. It’s leaves come in a variety of different interesting patterns and colours. All you need to know is here!

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buttercup flower

11 Pretty Flowers That Can Kill You

Join us in exploring the beautiful, but sometimes fatal flowers. Read more to find out which plants you should enjoy from afar.

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Wet succulent.

How to Grow Succulents In Water

Ever wanted to grow succulents in water? No, because it sounds crazy? It’s not. This guide will teach you how!

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