How to Choose The Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Family gifting their mother flowers for Mother's Day.

Маybe you don’t know this but each flower has a history, tradition and meaning. Ancient cultures even developed a language based on flowers. It’s called “floriography”. According to it, different flowers have different meanings and are appropriate for different occasions. They can even be used to insult people.

The Greeks even gave special meaning to blossoms, because they believed that they represented the gods. The rules in the past for giving flowers to someone were very strict. Nowadays, we continue to give flowers on certain occasions but we are not obligated to follow any guidelines. We do it because it’s a beautiful way to communicate with each other, it’s a nice gesture and an appropriate way to express our feelings. However, there are still certain types of flowers that are more appropriate for certain occasions.

Оur expert team prepared a list of the most appropriate flowers for Mother’s day. With Mother’s day in Australia right around the corner, we decided that you might need some help to make your choice. You should know that by choosing one, or a few flowers from this list you, which can be arranged in a nice bouquet, you can never go wrong.

Bouquet for mothers day Flowers for Mother’s Day

We all want to surprise our mothers with nice flowers this mother’s day. They’ve given us their unconditional love and we don’t have the words to describe how amazing our moms are, how thankful we are and how much we love them.

Therefore, we need to find a way to express our feelings. For Мother’s day 2018 you can do that by giving her an amazing bouquet. Depending on your mother’s taste there are many types of flowers and many ways to arrange them, which may be appropriate for the occasion. If your mother enjoys the aroma of flowers around the house then bet on the fragrance of the flowers.


Tulips for Mother's Day.

Maybe you will find this strange, but this time the rose is not on the top of the list. Yeah, we know that usually, they’re always on the top of the charts. However, when talking about Mother’s day flowers there is one exception. And that is the tulip. The tulip has a special meaning here, besides the fact that, it adds elegance and grace to every bouquet. It represents the “perfect love”.

Tulips have their origins in Turkey and this is where the legend about them originates, too. According to the legend, a Turkish prince called Farhad was in love with a maiden named Shirin. Unfortunately, she was killed. When he learned about her death he became so overwhelmed with grief that he killed himself riding his horse over the edge of a cliff. The legend states, a scarlet tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood. This is how the red tulip won the meaning “perfect love”. Although this is a sad and dark story about lovers, the years erased the dark past and only left the phrase “perfect love”. This is why tulips are the best Mother’s Day flowers – because there is no love more perfect than the love between a mother and her child.

Although the red tulip is a real rival of the rose, it is not the only possible choice. Different tulip colours carry different meanings. They have many varieties and can add colour to every bouquet. White tulips are associated with forgiveness, purple with royalty and yellow ones represent cheerfulness.


Roses for Mother's Day.

The tulip succeeded to push the rose on second place when talking about best Mother’s day flowers. However, the rose has always been one of the greatest symbols of love. Ever since ancient Greeks and Romans started associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love.This is why it’s our second best choice. Again, there are many types from which you can choose.

Roses are a popular choice for every occasion. But for Mother’s Day, the red rose is probably not the best choice. The red rose is usually associated, not only with love but also with passion and is called the lover’s rose. Therefore, better chose another colour. White would be a good choice as it represents innocence. Yellow expresses joy, orange roses are associated with enthusiasm and purple with enchantment. But the best flower for Mother’s day is definitely the pink rose, as it represents appreciation, gratitude and admiration.


Orchids for Mother's Day.

Another popular choice for best flower for Mother’s day is the Orchid. Orchids are beautiful, delicate and graceful. Just like your mother. As well as that, they have an amazing fragrance. Тhis is why they are a popular ingredient in many perfumes.

Talking about perfumes, this can be a great addition to the bouquet. However, you must keep in mind that the orchids sold in stores are usually not so aromatic, so if you want a fragrant species you have to seek it out at an orchid farm.

Pink orchids are associated with femininity and grace. This is why it is an extremely appropriate choice for Mother’s day. However, аll types of orchid can do the job, as the orchid, in general, represents love, beauty and strength.

Interesting fact: In ancient Greece orchids were associated with virility. Women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers the baby would be a boy.


Peony for Mother's Day.

Peonies are generally known as a flower that signifies honour and richness. Тheir full, rounded bloom and beautiful colour varieties are associated with romance and prosperity. However, those are not the only reasons why they are a great choice for Mother’s day flowers. The main reason is that they can be found in pre-made bouquets, which are ready for purchasing.

There are many different versions of the origin of the peony. According to one of them, the peony is named after Paeon. He was a physician to the gods, who receive it on Mount Olympus from the mother of Apollo. According to another version of the same story, he was “saved” from dying as a mortal by being turned into a peony.


Sunflowers for Mother's Day.

Although we all know sunflowers for providing oil and food, their beauty is something that is definitely worth mentioning. They are usually associated with summer, warmth, joy and freedom. But the one thing that makes them such a popular choice as flowers for Mother’s day is their turning to face the sun. Wondering why? Because this is a great metaphor for your mother being your sun.

In the ancient Inca Empire, the priestesses wore large sunflower disks made of gold and a giant sunflower was worshipped. Images of sunflowers were found in the temples of the Andes mountains. Later, during the Impressionist period, there was a certain fascination with the sunflower. It is even still commonly photographed and painted as a symbol of uncommon beauty.

We hope our list will help you to make a choice. After all, these are truly the best Mother’s day flowers. However, there is one flower that will never go out of style. This is your mother’s favourite one. If you give her her favourite flower for Mother’s day you will show her that you know her well and you’ve put your mind and heart into picking it up.

An even nicer gesture would be if you didn’t buy her flowers. No, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t give her anything at all. But she will appreciate the flowers much more if you’re the one who has been taking care of them. Giving your mother flowers from your own garden is an amazing surprise and will definitely make her happy.

So, if not for this year start preparing for the next one. Plant your mother’s favourite flowers in your garden and if you ever encounter difficulty with the garden maintenance, keep in mind that you can easily reach out for our help. Our fantastic gardeners are always ready to help you and we are only one phone call away.

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