10 Raised Garden Bed Ideas with a Difference

Raised garden bed
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A raised garden bed can have many meanings. These can sit on the ground on a small platform, or they can reach as high up as you want them to. Traditionally you will find them in gardens. They will be either a small or large box made from wood with soil inside of it. This method of gardening helps keep critters out of your fruit and veggies.

Raised garden beds have become increasingly popular because they are simple to make, and they add some aesthetics to your garden. You can make them with bricks, wood, cinder blocks, and so much more. If you need some ideas, check out this list of 10 raised garden bed ideas that will surely make a difference in your garden.

A practical solution

First on our list is a garden bed with practicality in mind. This raised garden bed has a piece of fencing around it that can be removed so you can tend to your fruit or veggies comfortably. When you’re done, simply put the fence piece back up to protect your food from critters.

This particular project will give you a 4 foot by 1-foot gate. You can make it taller if you wish. You’re going to need conduit brackets, PVC pipe, wood furring strips, screws, metal wire, and some handy electric tools to get the job done. Here are the exact instructions for this design.

Delightful trellis

If you’re looking for something elegant to add to your property or garden, check out this beautiful trellis design. They used some cedarwood to make the boxes and then some chicken wire and thin wood to make the trellis design.

This was a weekend project that took roughly between 10-20 hours. It raised the beds around two feet in the air safely away from pesky animals. The chicken wire gives the plants an area to climb, especially if they are peas, cucumber, or tomato plants. These vine veggies will love the space.

Simple elevated garden bed

This simple elevated garden bed will keep your valuable fruits and veggies away from rabbits, deer, and other animals that may want to help themselves to your hard work. You can make this simple raised bed out of just some cedar boards and screws. Of course, you will need some power tools and a tape measure.

All you need to do is cut some wood to the length you want for the legs and fasten them to some leg boards. Do the same with the other side and voila! You have yourself some bed legs. While it’s upside down, attach the remaining pieces you have and put the walls up. The gaps will allow water to escape so your plants don’t drown. Once that’s done, flip it over, and you have yourself a raised garden bed.

Raised garden
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Cinder block love

To build this raised bed is super simple. All you need are some cinder blocks, about two rows worth, and ¼-inch mesh. Stack your blocks two rows high. Between each row, put in some mesh so weeds won’t grow up inside the holes. Once you have your two rows in, put mesh inside the centre area, and fill with soil. You can fill each hole with soil as well for optimum planting space.

Tiered herb garden

If you’re more of a herb garden person, you will enjoy this design. This tiered herb garden is perfect for the corner of your pergola or outdoor patio. This design allows you to see all of your plants with ease. It will measure 16 ½ inches tall and 360-inches wide on each side. You can also make it as big or small as you want.

Each tiered section gives your herbs the security they need from pesky critters and bugs. The boxes are made from cedar, which gives off a beautiful aroma. You will need some stain or sealer as well to keep the wood protected from the weather. This is the perfect weekend project for you and your family if you’re looking to add a little aesthetics to your outdoor patio area or garden.

Rustic design

Do you like rustic designs? If so, check out this rustic-type raised bed. This design features a trellis-like design in the centre of the raised beds. It’s made from simple materials, such as large sticks. There is just something beautiful about this simple, woodsy design.

This raised bed bottom is constructed of twigs that have been woven to look like a basket. You can use any kind of bendable twigs that you may find lying around your property for this project. The end result is absolutely stunning! Just add some weed barrier in the middle and fill it with soil. The plants will walk their way up the teepee trellis, and they will be protected from veggie and fruit-loving animals.

Budget-griendly raised bed

Okay, so this has to be one of the quickest raised beds that you could possibly create. It’s made from nothing more than a kiddie pool and some garden fencing. This informal planter is an ideal way to repurpose something that may not be used anymore. You know it will hold water well since that was its main purpose.

The only unfortunate part about this planter is that once it’s filled with soil, it may be pretty tricky to move, so make sure you know exactly where you want to put it before you begin the project. The plastic material of the pool can be easily spray painted so you can customize the look of it anytime you want.

Repurposed water trough

Do you have a water trough laying around and you don’t know what to do with it? How about turning it into a raised garden bed? Even if you don’t have one lying around, they’re not overly expensive. They add a rustic touch to gardens and patios.

These water troughs are simple to plant in. Just make sure you drill some holes in the bottom of it so the water can drain out. There is also room to add an irrigation system if you wish. Once you have it set up, you can spray paint it any colour you want to make it match your home or if you want to add a little flair to your garden or patio.

Raised garden bed idea
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Log style

Do you have a log cabin or like the log cabin style? This raised garden bed is perfect if you are a fan of log cabins. This garden bed takes as many or as little pieces of timber as you want. You can make it high up or low to the ground.

All you have to do to build this is get yourself some wood timbers. For an 8-foot by 4-foot bed, simply get some 8-foot timbers, stain, soil, rebar, and some stakes. Cut the timbers to make the 8×4 lengths. Notch them, so they fit together like log cabin designs. Drill a hole in each one so you can stick the rebar in it. Cut the rebar off, so it’s flush with the wood. Add stakes to the corner to secure the lumber. Add some weed barrier, soil, and you’re ready to go!

Brick walls

Bricks are an extremely versatile tool. You can easily make raised garden beds out of these, and the designs are unlimited. This particular design involves swirls. All they did was take some bricks and make a swirl pattern with them. They then added some soil and planted their plants.

You can make these beds as tall or as small as you want. I would recommend a weed barrier with them to minimize maintenance. They won’t get mixed in with your other plants. You can also add some stakes inside it so your cucumbers or other vine plants can grow on them.

All of these designs are easy to handle and can be done in a weekend. Make it a fun family project, or just take some time for yourself and do something nice to your garden or patio.

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1 year ago

Love it! That very first one in the picture is so cute. Practically speaking, I want to create rows of long raised beds for my property which will make it easier to work the garden and keep weeds down. Thanks for the extra ideas!

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